Green power, anywhere.

Our innovative technology provides affordable, off-grid green power wherever it’s needed.

Electrification is crucial for reducing carbon emissions. But getting grid connections can be challenging. In the UK, for instance, there is a waiting list of up to 10 years for permanent locations and no options for temporary or remote sites.

This means many construction sites, outdoor events, mining and agricultural activities rely on fossil fuels, as green power options are limited, costly and logistically difficult. The lack of grid connections is also a major barrier to providing stations for charging electric vehicles.

Catalsys has a unique solution that addresses these issues.

Our technology enables electric power production at scale wherever needed. Central to the Catalsys innovation is a generator fueled by a custom ammonia-hydrogen blend, paired with a portable ammonia cracking solution. The efficient, low-cost units fit inside a shipping container and can generate 150kW, 300kW, or 500kW of power, depending on the demand. Units can be easily stacked to increase output.

The Catalsys team bring years of energy sector experience, a vast professional network, deep tech expertise and a pragmatic, delivery-focused management approach. The solution is compact, portable, easily deployed, and has integrated emission control systems. Beta versions are available to order now, for delivery in late 2024.


Our Team

David Hughes
has more than 30 years’ experience in senior management positions in ICI, Huntsman and SABIC.
Kevin Fothergill
is the former Commercial Director of Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, where he pioneered the adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy.
Peter Gray
has more than 20 years’ engineering experience in hydrogen and energy storage and is a recognized technical expert in fuel cells.

Our team brings decades of experience in the energy sector and deep tech, an extensive professional network and pragmatic management expertise.

And we’re currently recruiting. Please get in touch with us if you have relevant experience and would like to be part of the future of green energy.

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